Sitting in Targeted visitors.....Inspiration to put in writing Poetry?

I was sitting, in my automobile, on a freeway, (some might say a car parking zone), caught in site visitors, not moving. To though absent the time I had been looking through the bumper stickers and indicators in the back again windows of other cars. It abruptly struck me; the parallel between totems, talismans, and these stickers, magnets, paste-ons that modern-day guy posts on his metal steed to declare his beliefs. Pondering if I’d ever get household.
Here is an excerpt with the poetry that was born when impatiently sitting in targeted visitors. Composing with a restaurant napkin, aged receipt, the back of the grocery list… lest I forget about my phrases~~~~
Totem and Talisman &duplicate;
Totem. Storyteller from the tribe’s heritage and lore,
felled and carved in reverence, in the tree generations old sculpted in residing Wooden;
a confront, a fish, a spirit, a bear, the Solar, the moon
Totems live on as statuary from the garden; a wood rooster tops the mail box.
A mural brushed on a barn wall; the flag of a beloved region, the star of the lone state.
The Nations painted their durable, courageous little horses ahead of struggle…
a circle of paint regarding the eye for truer eyesight, hand prints on shoulder
and flank to ward off the spear
Right now’s tribes paint their cars with bumper stickers, magnetic vendre sa voiture d'occasion ribbons,
and window decals. All proclaiming some truth, totems to tell other tribes the things they consider.
Assistance this, loathe that, down using this type of, up with that. Proud for being a redneck,
a lady, a boater, a christian, a Viet Nam vet, very pleased revendre sa voiture to be a farmer,
a republican, a father or mother, a fisherman. Prouder revendre sa voiture however to be a soldier,
a grandpa, a boy scout, a sailor, a golfer, an Irishman, a lover of guns.’ ©
Preserve by yourself open up to inspiration…eyes, ears, Mind and coronary heart. You'll be motivated by Peculiar and excellent things and you will create Odd and superb points. You can go away totems for following generations to study.

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